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Issued from 2014.

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AuthorArticle titleYear, issueDownloadings count
1Konstantin V. Taran[Russia]Crime and Terrorism in the Caucasus: Typology and Manifestations2014, September1618
2Vladimir I. Afanasenko[Russia]The Tragedy of General Pogrebov (The Events in the Village Bolshaya Martynovka July 29, 1942)2015, June1597
3Yuri F. Katorin[Russia]First Armored ship of South America in the Paraguayan war2014, September1561
4Sergey S. Makarov[Russia], Elena V. Makarova[Russia]Determination of Parameters of the Liquid when Moving in Cavitating Devices2014, September1506
5Ruslan A. Khachidogov[Russia]Cultural and Economic Relations and Ethnosocial Parallels of Mountain Ethnic Groups Interaction2015, June1459
6Lyubov G. Polyakova[Russia]Reasons behind the Asocial Conduct of Residents of the Black Sea Governorate during World War I2014, September1422
7Anvar M. Mamadaliev[Russia]Soviet Troops in the First Weeks of World War II (June – July 1941): the Analysis of Fighting2014, December1403
8Sеrgey A. Lebedev[Russia]Metatheoretic Knowledge in Science, its Structure and Functions2015, June1398
9Teimuraz Akhalmosulishvili[Georgia], Madonna Kebadze[Georgia]Organization (Formation) of Military-Industrial Complex During the Great Patriotic War2015, March1394
10Vladimir B. Karataev[Russia]Tuapse Defensive Operation of 1942-1943 years in the National Historiography2014, December1390

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