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1 June 01, 2019

Articles and Statements

1. Alexey A. Gaiduk
Russia's First Reflux Dredger

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2019, 6(1): 3-31.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2019.1.3CrossRef

The Libava merchant, and subsequently the nearby military port that grew nearby, played a huge role for Russia. Significant efforts were required to maintain its year-round functioning. Icebreakers, excavation and dredging machines were built. The latter proved to be excellent when working with sandy sediments and working in difficult meteorological conditions. The experience gained in the Libava Trade Port has been widely disseminated to other ports of the Russian Empire. The operation of the first reflux dredger in Russia, to which this work is devoted, has shown that under certain operating conditions and soft soils it surpasses multi-pack dredging machines in productivity and depth of deepening. The cost of such work was significantly lower. A description of the design of the vessel is given, it is shown that, according to operating experience, it has proved to be quite reliable. On the basis of it, a number of ships were built, which, with proper maintenance, have served for many years, replacing both nationality and owners.

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2. Olga Yu. Larionova, Sergey K. Prostnev
Votkinsk’s Roots of the Gunsmith Yevgeny Fedorovich Dragunov

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2019, 6(1): 32-44.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2019.1.32CrossRef

February 20, 2020 will be 100th anniversary of the creator of the world's best sniper rifle, Evgeny Fedorovich Dragunov. Until now, historians have covered only the Izhevsk roots of the famous designer, given that his parents divorced and mother Zinaida Konstantinovna and his grandmother Elena Ivanovna Sokovikova, native Izhevsk were traditionally educated by Yevgeny. Based on the materials first introduced into circulation, the authors describe the biographies of members of the Dragunov family, drawing parallels and continuity of the profession of designer in this family, substantiate the version of the birth of Evgeny Fedorovich and the first years of his life in Votkinsk. As a result of studying materials from the General Census of the Russian Empire in 1897 and archival memoirs of members of the Dragunov’s family, as well as field surveys of all stone buildings located on Robespierre Street, were preserved m the second half of the XIX century and the beginning of the trading shop XX century Dragunov’s family. A study suggests expanding the established view of the origin of Yevgeny Fedorovich Dragunov and initiates the creation of the Dragunov’s family museum in Votkinsk, as well as renaming Robespierre Street to Dragunovs Street.

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3. Nicholas W. Mitiukov, Anatoly N. Loshkarev, Svetlana L. Bautina
Reconstruction of Last Years of Steamer "Krasny Splavshchik" According to the Reports of Goscomstat

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2019, 6(1): 45-50.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2019.1.45CrossRef

The paper shows that the reports of Goskomstat (State Committee of Statistic) provide a new historical source, until it’s almost not involved in the tasks of restoring the ship’s biography. The illustration of the possibilities of the approach is carried out on the example of the reconstruction of the last service’s years of the steamer "Krasny splavshchik". The vessel was in the active service of the “Izhles” trust until 1953, after which it was transferred to the balance of the Izhevsk operating office. Thus, in the early 1950-s the process of enlargement of river fleets of farms that was carried out in a given period throughout the entire country was clearly manifested. This fact also indicates the technical re-equipment of fleets of farms subordinate to the Ministry of Forestry, since the place of the steamer was occupied by ships with internal combustion engines, which are simpler to operate. As for the "Krasny splavshchik", she was called "Zvezda" in the fleet of the Izhevsk operating office until 1960, becoming the last steamer on the Izhevsk Pond.

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4. Evgenij M. Osadchij
Starshinsky Estate in the middle of the XVII – beginning of the XVIII century in the Village of Mikhailovka

Journal of International Network Center for Fundamental and Applied Research, 2019, 6(1): 51-59.
DOI: 10.13187/jincfar.2019.1.51CrossRef

The article is devoted to one of the complexes of the Cossack era - the estate and the monastery in the village of Mikhailovka. Initially, the estate was built as a well-fortified point on the territory of the Lebedinsky Hundred Sumy Cossack Regiment. The manor had its own fortifications, a monastery was nearby. Near the estate there were service buildings and mills. In the XVIII century, the estate was rebuilt, a new house appeared, fortifications and turned into a powerful economy in the possession of Hetman Paul Polubotka. After his arrest, the property is carefully described, which made it possible to compare the data of written documents with the results of archaeological research. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the estate was transferred to the center of the village, and the remaining structure was dismantled.

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